“Global Economic Situation Decreasing Demand for Sea Freight”

Media specializing in logistics indicate that the demand for sea container transport in Europe and the US is decreasing due to the spiral of inflation and the uncertainty associated with the current international political and economic environment. Additionally, the fleet of container ships currently in standby appears to be at its highest level since the second quarter of 2020.

“The global macroeconomic situation is shrinking the demand for sea transport, so sooner or later this is expected to put downward pressure on rates. So we believe that more competitive rates will help our fruit exporters meet their international obligations. Our country can maintain its reputation as a food powerhouse. ” said Ivan Marambio, president of Assocs, an association of Chilean exporters.

“Shipping companies are our partners in the export process and we are coordinating our operations. We are confident that together we can adequately tackle the logistical challenges of this sector. For example, we are already working on a project with 12 operations. The government has proposed to improve the management and operation of port terminals during high season. ” explains Marampio. “That way, there is no basis to justify higher prices now and in the future.”

“According to the calculations of the National Agricultural Association, fruit growers overpaid 639 million euros in maritime transport last year. We hope to be able to change the situation this season, because the logistical crisis can’t really get anything. Bad,” said Jorge Valenzuela, president of FedeFruta.

Source: simfruit.cl

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