Glock Toto Junior and Vitalis achieve top IBOP Lisse scores

In the IBOP in the South Holland region of Liss, the highest points were for a three-year-old. GLOCK’s son Toto Jr. has 82.5 points. The best mare of the day was the daughter of Vitalis Nailawho scored 81.5 points.

IBOP has been evaluated in the Southern Netherlands by Petro Trommelen, Marcel Beukers and Luuk Smetsers. “The picture was very mixed today,” Pietro begins. “We saw very good horses, but also bottom. The stay was good and despite the bad weather last night everything was fine. It was noticeable that there were many cancellations and many horses not showing up. This is not a problem for us.” As a jury, but for the organization and for the horses in the waiting list, it’s upsetting.”

Tricky horse

Ortisei (GLOCK’s Toto Jr from Kassiopeia LH Elite IBOP-dres D-OC from Dream Boy) from breeder J. Groenhart of Hardinxveld-Giessendam scored an 8.5 in gait, endowment and efficiency as a dressage horse. “This is a strong horse who ran very well with plenty of range. It was noticeable that he continued to walk steadily, both in the lead and in the free stride. The trot has plenty of technique in the legs and lots of bend in the joints. He has also shown good use of the hind leg.” The canter is high with good balance. Particularly due to the stability of the base gait, we were able to give this horse an 8.5 for Build.”

Daughter of Vitalis

Naila (Vitalis from Ivory Elite-dres IBOP-dres PROK from Emerson) from breeder C. Heemskerk of Rijnsburg received an 8.5 for her gait, workability and workability. “She is a very convincing horse in all three basic gaits. She is not yet fully established in the lead but has nonetheless shown a very consistent performance in which she has worked very well. She walks clean, brisk and wide. At the trot she has a pleasant use of the front leg and has completed well from the rear.” She is able to achieve a lot of balance and again a very nice use of the front leg. This mare was appreciated during testing.”


also Nozorosa Four Legends KS out of Zurusa elite EPTM-dr PROK by Don Primero, Breeder: A. van Ittersum of Winsum by J. Buying of Oud Gastel scored 8.5 in the walk. “This is a very young horse, elegant looking. She has also shown a very good stride. The trot is light-footed with good technique and with a lot of ease, and she shows nice stretches potential. The canter has good range, goes well uphill and is very rhythmic.” Nuzurusa was still a mare in the Colt’s Book this morning, but had an 81.5 for IBOP and was later included in the Colt’s Book with 80 points for formation. Persians immediately became elite.

80.5 points for Oliveira

Quaterhit’s daughter Olivera (elite Jevera IBOP-dres D-OC by Eye Catcher) from breeders RM van Ruitenbeek from Maarsbergen and CGS van Mourik from Renkom achieved 80.5 points. “This mare could be a bit more consistent, but we’re happy to forgive a three-year-old for that. She can walk nicely, she’s roomy and immaculate. The trot had a very nice use of the front leg. During testing, it moved back a bit, which also did To more harmony at the trot. The trot has naturally good harmony, with good use of the hind leg and very nice fore legs.”

80 points

Two knights scored exactly 80 points today, the first being Franklin’s daughter Larita (from Helana elite for athletes IBOP-dres PROK by Fidertanz, breeder U. Haarsma from Tjerkwerd) by fellow breeder N. Schep-Haarsma from Bergambacht. “This is a very sympathetic horse with an energetic stride. She has a lot of skill at a trot and trot with a lot of impulsion that leaps uphill. This mare showed a very easy lateral gait, a perfect dressage horse.”

also Okura (Kingston Blue Hors out of Ibolakeur IBOP-dres by Desperado) Breeders’ GC van der Koppel from Wadenoijen and Ad Valk from Gorinchem scored 80 points. “A big, tough horse. A really fine look. This mare also rode well, with a great stride and good withering. With this mare we also saw that she rode well both in the lead and the free walk. The trot really showed a great deal of stability, and she hid very easily with my expression For the front foot and good technique in the back leg. The trotter has more than enough range and good use of the hind leg.”

source: KWPN

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