Gmail has become a nightmare thanks to the new feature from Google

Gmail is arguably the best free email service out there. Google gives you plenty of storage space and there are no really annoying ads to be found. At least, that was the case. It seems very likely that things might change and that will turn your mailbox into a monster.

While your ISP will often give you a free email address, most people use Gmail from Google. This makes sense, since the service is easily accessible and you don’t have to worry about losing your address when you switch providers.

Gmail is free

And perhaps most importantly, Gmail is completely free. So you don’t have to pay anything extra to use the service. Still, free is relative, because Google keeps Gmail free by showing ads. This is how you make money from email inbox.

These ads are not a nuisance at this point. You’ll often see it at the top of your email inbox when you open the Advertising or Social tab, for example. These ads are easy to spot and you can swipe through them quickly.

However, this soon seems to be a thing of the past in Gmail. Google is testing a new way to display ads. One that you really don’t want and that’s very annoying. Many users are now complaining about it on social media. However, the new method of advertising is not yet visible to everyone.

Escape the annoyance of Google

The new ad is causing a lot of annoyance to Gmail users. They see an advertisement in the middle of an open email. So it can be considered a very annoying thing. Google itself isn’t expanding on the selection either, given the tweet below.

Fortunately, there is a way to avoid ads in Gmail. You should use a different email box for this. Think, for example, of Microsoft Outlook on your Android phone or Windows PC, or Apple’s own Mail app for your iPhone or Mac. This way you have a clear overview of your emails, but without the Google ads.

Google is also bringing its controversial Twitter feature to Gmail

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Google turns Gmail into a nightmare with a new feature

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