Go Ahead moved up to the Premier League after De Graafschap’s mistake: “That’s ridiculous” | Dutch football

VideoStrange moments. Hailstones the size of marble. Above all, tension. The first-class apotheosis was everything on Wednesday evening. A surprising PhD student was also: Go Ahead Eagles, who won 0-1 at Excelsior. Arm de Graafschap, the favorite, fell 0-0 at Helmond Sport.

Written by Denis Van Bergen

It is said that Ted van de Bafert collided with the de Vigverberg grass. Tears wet his eyes. He, the De Graafschap club icon, has been looking really hard to promote this season with the Super Farmers. That’s not possible (for now), after a 0-0 draw against Helmond Sport. The ceremony will be celebrated elsewhere late on Wednesday evening, in Woudestein. Thanks to the 0-1 win over Excelsior, Go Ahead Eagles qualify directly to the Premier League. “This is great,” says coach Kees Van Wonder of Deventer, who hardly seems to understand that. ,,Really, amazing.”

Sentimental scenes follow an evening that has been hugely exciting for hours. One has been living in it, in addition to Go Ahead Eagles, Almere City and NAC, for some time in the illusion that a switch to the Premier League is also possible for them. And that the rain showers fall on it in Akhterhoek, which threatens to disrupt the opening of the first division.

It’s fun from the first second. This is mainly due to visible pressure everywhere. Take, for example, Almere City striker Thomas Verheven. Usually scoring is as normal for him as breathing. Now, in the match with Jung PSV, he failed miserably midway through the first half. Go ahead, then, the Eagles, against the Excelsior. Deventer’s players aren’t playing badly, but they walk away long before halftime when Rotterdamers’ Thomas Udy Coty misses.

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The tension was also expressed flawlessly with Mike Snowy, coach of De Graafschap. Fritz Kurbach, one of his illustrious predecessors in Vijverberg, lit one cigar with the other before consuming parrot soup. Pruning, in turn, treats nerve with gum. Even as hailstones targeted the back of his head in the first half, he kept tightening his jaw.

Interestingly, the least promising candidate, NAC, takes the lead in the first leg against Cambuur shortly before the halftime break. Sidney Van Hooydonk helped Breda’s team 0-1. Is it still possible for Maurice Stein’s team?

Ralph Seuntjens and Melvin Platje are disappointed after losing the direct promotion to Seeing Honor. © ANP


But then. In Doetinchem, hailstones now dissolve in water. This is reflected in the field which becomes non-playable in a short time. “How do we continue?” this is the question. Above all, how now in other areas? Soon a KNVB spokesperson will come up with the answer. “This is force majeure, very disturbing, but we will not stop six matches because one match may be completed later or not be played today.”

Meanwhile, a lot is happening in those other areas. Almir City sees how Young PSV’s Frederick Obgard surprisingly scores 0-1, NAC comes to 0-2 via Kaj de Rooij, and then tensions return in the same matches when Daniel Breedijk (Almere City) and Mitchell Pulisen (Cambor) respectively. The result. But the most worrying thing for De Gravschap is that after two Cambor goals from Robert Mohren, NAC is no longer struggling quickly with NAC: Bas Kuipers heads Go Ahead Eagles to 0-1 victory over Excelsior, Which club from Deventer practically rises to second place. Simply because Vijverberg wasn’t up and running at the time.

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Go Ahead players celebrate after they've been promoted.
Go Ahead players celebrate after they’ve been promoted. © ANP


This only happens later, when a legion of Achterhoekers successfully put their scents into a marshy rug. Nervously, inquisitive and peasant farmers push their noses through the gates of Vijverberg entrance, for what remains of more than half a matchstick. Fireworks transform the dark sky over Doetinchem into an array of colors. A little later, in Hummelo, is fast paced One of De Graafschap’s fan, Bennie Jolink, swings up and down through the man’s cave.

His team definitely gets chances. Via Ralph Seuntjens. Via Elmo Liftinck. Club champ Ted van de Pafert is close to that for once. Just like the alternative, Melvin Platje. But Helmond Sport goalkeeper Rowen Cot seems to have loved washing his car for free at Deventer for a year. The goalkeeper, who knew Go Ahead sponsors had promised him that if De Graafschap didn’t win, he would take it all, even in the final seconds.

Arm De Graafschap, the team that was not promoted last season following a decision by KNVB. Now, after an unreal evening in May, it still has to happen with a follow-up contest. JC Kindergarten is the opponent. How different is that for Go Ahead Eagles, a club that wasn’t in the top two teams for a second until tonight. Excited Van Wendern and his lucky players danced and jumped in Rotterdam. The club from Koekstad will soon play Ajax, Feyenoord and Eindhoven. She does. “It’s ridiculous,” said Van Wonder, who couldn’t believe what happened to him.

Recover the sore conclusion? Watch it on our live blog (below photos).

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Go Ahead Eagles coach Kees van Wonderen celebrates the promotion.
Go Ahead Eagles coach Kees van Wonderen celebrates the promotion. © ANP

In Doetinchem, forks appear to make the field ready to play again.
In Doetinchem, forks appear to make the field ready to play again. © Pro Shots / Stefan Koops



Professional Footage / Eric Basman
© Pro Shots / Eric Basman

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