Goalkeeper Jørn Jan van de Bild moves from HHC Hardenberg to Hoogeveen

Jorn-Jan van de Beld Photo: Ron Jonker

Jorn Jan van de Bild will be one of the goalkeepers of the Huguenots high team next season. The 22-year-old comes from second division club HHC Hardenberg, where he was the third goalkeeper behind Ramon Newland and Nick Borgmann.

And so Hoogeveen filled the spot that Enver Spijodic had left behind. The goalkeeper leaves for ACV after one season.

Van de Bild lives in Balckebrouge. There he also started at the local gym. He also played in Youth FC Twente, but quickly made the transition to HHC Youth. Because of his studies, he also took a trip to the US, then returned to Hardenberg. In Hoogeveen he will compete with Serkan Akbas and Stan Levi Kroezen.

Choosing Hoogeveen 2021-2022

Remaining: Thomas Renders, Ghost Scriver, Serkan Akbas, Dami Gerding, Emile Belsma, Kelt Ingbers, Louis Vigfoyzen, Tom Herks, Mino Hercs, Noah Shurman, Jim Feltmatt and Levon Van Dejk

New: Stefan Pattipeilohy (Hoogeveen JO19), Maxim Muusse (HHC Hardenberg), Jorn-Jan van de Beld (HHC Hardenberg)

Departures: Tuan Berndes (Unknown), Martin Drent (Hilligerly), Inver Spejodic (ACV)

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