Goes’ Renee Lindenberg at the World Championships in Paddle: ‘I didn’t know the sport until ten years ago’

Lindenbergh: “I worked hard for a year. Four weeks ago it wasn’t even sure if we could go to the World Cup. In the derby (England) we didn’t lose anything and eventually won the World Cup ticket. So special for me, because I’m already bigger An age for a rower and this may be the last World Cup I can participate in. I am very happy to be able to experience this. It is a very great honor and I am very proud.”

“I am part of the third duo, which means we play the third match in the group stage. After a whole year of intense playing with each other, you can see who is the strongest. Even though we are very close to the level. It is important, especially if we win one of the two matches. The first two and we lost one. Then our match suddenly became very important and decisive.”

“In the draw, we meet with very strong countries; Argentina is the best country in the world. These players make millions and you see them everywhere on TV. It is a great honor to play against them. We also play against Italy, whatever it is. The country of the exchange is good. But I think we have a chance against them. Our last opponent is Belgium. They are very strong on paper, especially on show. We really don’t get one easy match.”

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