Gojira Waltz via Tilburg 013

Gojira! The one and only Godzilla of metal artists! This is a band known to everyone in the scene, a band not to be missed. The sound, the light, the energy but especially the fans! In 013 Wednesday and Thursday are two hot evenings, two Gojira. Every night it attacked. Sweat was running down my back, the beer was cold, and it was an evening of hard metal shearing for young and old alike!

Recruited to serve

Employed to Serve is a small band from Woking, England. The band gave an opening performance with energy-packed songs. The audience put metal horns in the air and headbanged to each song. Despite the heat, the hall was packed and every second was enjoyed. The audience was already well warmed up!

Alien weapons

Next up was Alien Weaponry, a hard metal band from New Zealand / Waipu. A Maori-inspired band. Many songs are also written in the Maori language. Now the hall was full of people and fans who knew this great band very well. Full songs were sung from the hall. Moshpits began to form and fans went wild. Nothing appears to stop the audience!


Then it was time for Gojira. Time with rock hard guitar and double bass with strong lyrics and frontman Joe Duplantier’s great low grunt voice. But this is not just any evening. This is the band’s first time headlining their own tour on the main stage in 013! The show started with a timer on a big screen. 10.9.8: Fans start cheering with joy and excitement. 3,2,1: The curtain falls and Gojira opens with ‘Born for One’. And the band proved it immediately.

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The band members were full of energy as if Gojira was on 013’s main stage every day! A packed 013 began to sing along with the first words and circular pits began to form. The gigantic light show ensured that not a single second was missed.

Gojira took the fans through an incredible show. Energy burst! Not just with the music, but with the lighting and effects around the show. Thunderstorms and lightning flashed across the hall. Smoke cannons were fired at the crowd. The smoke combined with the light show created an unforgettable scene from the entire hall.

The band played both old and new songs. The band played ‘Love’ from the first album. A tough old school stunner, now 21 years old. But here too everyone went completely crazy! With heavy riffs and hard drums, the band consistently put on a rock-solid metal performance.

Every song was a great performance. The lighting effects were good throughout the show. The drums were great, the sound was perfect in every part of the room and despite the heat it seemed like a perfect evening. At the end of the show, 2 huge confetti cannons burst into the room. As usual, everyone went crazy. A show you will never forget!

Photographs (c) Nick Thal

Gojira Setlist Poppodium 013, Tilburg, Netherlands 2022, Fortitude

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