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20230520 HapkidoOase Sint Nicolasga Martin Zingel2 LyingThirteen-year-old Mari Wiestra and Jason Breeze (20) of Hapkido de Awasi from Sint-Nicolasja won first prize in the self-defense section of the German Open Hapkido in Dortmund. With about fifteen participating countries and participants from the United States, Australia and Finland, they were able to achieve the highest honor in a large and large field of participants.

With their performance, the duo proves that they are at the European top. Both of them also became European Open champions in November 2023. Teacher Martin Zengel, who was also allowed to participate in this tournament as the main referee, says he is very proud of his students.

To his great surprise, Zengel (pictured left) received a special plaque for his achievements in Hapkido from the President of the German Confederation, Volker Gosling. Zingel holds, among other things, an eighth dan Hapkido and Jiu-jitsu black belt. He is also the director of De Oase Therapeutic Care Foundation in Follega, where children with disabilities can go. Zingel was also one of the senior masters allowed to teach here and Hapkido De Oase was also involved.

Photo: Oasis

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