Golden tip needed for an animal food bank with more storage space

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Vlissingen has a storage area of ​​about ten square meters and is well stocked with all kinds of donated animal foods. Cat food, dog food and everything for the rabbit. Volunteer Vera Wijkhuijs explains: “Sometimes it’s full by the door here, and then you have to climb up to get the things you need to pack the food.”

In all weathers

Since there is no space inside, members’ weekly chests have to be filled outside. In good weather this is not a problem, but when it rains it is. “We try to keep it dry with umbrellas and tarpaulins, but we still soaked in the water. It’s definitely not ideal,” Wijkhuijs says. Jolanda Lichtenberg, president of Walcheren Animal Welfare, adds: “Food often gets wet too and then stays well for little. That’s a shame.”

The Animal Food Bank makes food packages for people who have pets in Walcheren and Bevelanden, who are not financially well off. There are about a hundred at the moment. “Since we started adding Bevelanden, many members have joined and dozens are being added every week,” Lichtenberg explains. “That’s why we really need more storage space.”

future dream

The organization is looking for an area of ​​at least one hundred square meters, preferably centrally located. “Our dream is to be able to set up an animal care center. With a storage and distribution point for packages, but also a place for drivers and dispatchers. An animal ambulance can also wait there for a report. But the most important thing now is more storage space,” said Chairman Lichtenberg. And a space where packages can be processed.” There is no money to buy a building yourself. “But we can pay the rent for now.”

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Jolanda Lichtenberg and Vera Wijkhuijs hope that soon someone will come up with the golden advice. Until then, they stay in jam-packed storage and make packets of food outside on the sidewalk. “The owners are very happy with it,” Lichtenberg says. “If they don’t receive support from us, they will have to give up their animals.” “I often help out with packages and that’s what I do for him,” Wijkhuijs adds. “And I know that animals are well off.”

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