Good! It will be in the old building of the Leonidas Lounge in Surstrat

The lunch room Leonidas has been closed for a few months. This case will be missed by many Delft residents, but luckily something cold returns to it: de Botany. Here we can enjoy special cocktails, great dishes and more in no time.

Botany will soon be open for breakfast, lunch and dinner. “In the evening we work on small meals, about the amount of hunger,” explains Mara, one of the owners. “You can choose a bite with your cocktail or beer or make dinner together with multiple snacks.” Apart from food, the focus of de Botany is on coffee and cocktails.

Australian ‘next level’

Mara opened botany with Emily and Roger. Son of Lois, owner of Roger Leonidas. Emily is from Australia, which is why de Botany’s menu is full of Australian food and drinks.

“The coffee and cocktail culture in Australia is real Next level: Everything has a little extra focus or extra special meaning, ”says Mara. “The menu is not yet complete, but we will serve espresso martini, for example, with a hazelnut foam or Salted caramel. In other cocktails we use ingredients like rubose syrup or rhubarb cinnamon syrup, we have jalapeño injected Tequila. “

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In the menu

Foods you may not often see at other delft companies are on the menu. For example, think of soft-folded eggs with blue crab or french toast for lunch, buttermilk for dessert with pork belly, lamb with smoked eel or full mutton, and farm boys.

“Australia has a very diverse culture, which is reflected in the food. Ancient Aborigines, British and other Europeans and neighboring Asian countries have all now made an impact on Australian cuisine,” Mara explains. . “

Open in the fall

The business is currently undergoing a major transformation. “A new floor, two new bars and a paint for everything are available,” says Mara. “We create a coffee bar on the window sill at Sorstrat, where we can serve coffee, cakes and sandwiches. To go Can serve. “

Lunch Room Anyone who visits Leonidas often knows that, of course, the beautiful terrace garden is one of the most beautiful parts of this place. “It’s really a hidden gem. We want to show that the garden with the name De Botany is still there!

Botany will open this fall. They are still looking workers!

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