good morning! A church on the terrace, bounce and in your own backyard

They seem to care about that. Nice late summer weather, so a new terrace is more than 100 for the first time. This is the first time a re-election has been held in two years, as there was less to choose from as the terraces were closed more than they were open last year. Today’s announcement features the Geeland Touch. Because this list was presented on the terrace of the De Werf restaurant, the winner of the last edition.

Before you judges and envy Mysterious guests Or you may feel sorry for them because they are looking for the winner on every floor in the Netherlands … they do not have it. For this election, the catering entrepreneurs have to register and after that they are included with the fee in the attendance rounds of the arbitral tribunal. Something that not every entrepreneur wants to work on.

Jumping option for a new logo

Another election whose results will be announced today: The new symbol of Goes in de Spring. At the end of June, students voted that the school for children with physical or mental disabilities should no longer use the school’s new logo. That vote was made not by a bill, but by a hopping ball.

Own church

Looking for peace or tranquility? Then you can do some things. Sit in the garden in the sunlight, or walk from Ortonberg to Mark Mons and Dinick Packer Church. They built a church in their backyard. It is open to anyone who needs it or passes it on. “Ortenberg has always been a place of pilgrimage, so we wanted to revive it. We think it’s important to create a place where people can relax,” Packers said.

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The fog is likely to be high for the banks this morning as the sun is high. However, there will be more clouds and a lot of clouds with occasional sunshine this afternoon and tonight. It will again be very hot with a maximum of 23 degrees and light variable air.

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