Good news for winter sports fans: a lot of snow fell in Alpine countries from Sunday | abroad

Winter sports fans can breathe a sigh of relief: the snow is falling again in the ski areas. According to Weeronline, the precipitation area will provide plenty of snow on Sunday.

Due to the warm start of the year in Europe, the snow is almost completely cleared from the slopes. The narrow white strips are crowded for all the skiers and snowboarders.

It will snow heavily from Sunday, especially on the western and southern side of the Alps. Then patience will be rewarded, because there will be no fresh snow on Friday and Saturday either. “As it continues to get cold at night, the slopes can already be prepared for snowfall with snow cannons,” Weeronline writes.

Snow will begin in the French Alps, but winter precipitation will also occur on the southern side of Switzerland. In the Italian Alps, snow will initially fall only above 1,800 metres.

In parts of Switzerland, Austria and Italy too, Weeronline expects about 30 to 40 cm of fresh snow above 1,100 metres.

Snow will stop Monday in many areas due to the shifting winds, but Austria continues to benefit from its winter rains. Until then there is still up to 20cm of snow.

In the following days the weather will still be changeable in the Alpine countries, but we will also witness the fall of many snowflakes. In general, up to a meter of fresh snow can fall locally.

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