Good performance TOC Limburg at NJK Lead in Amsterdam

Photo: via Limburg Climbing

Last Saturday, the Dutch Youth Championship was held at the Mountain Network in Amsterdam.

NJK bullet 2022In the youth climbing competition organized by the NKBV, the participants (fixed with a rope) have to climb a very difficult road to a height of about 20 meters within a certain period of time. Strength, endurance and technique are indispensable.

Eight young climbers from our county participated in the NJK leadership, divided into boys and girls in four age groups. There was one climber from TOC (Talent Training Center Sport Climbing) Limburg in all eight categories! The top 10 climbers were selected from each category of the NJK Dutch Youth Competition.

Participants at TOC Limburg performed well. The tournament place was taken by Amber Schiffeleers (Sittard, Little Girls) and Gijs Kieboom (Maastricht, Little Boys). Benti Schefflers (Sittard, A girls), Tom Bunsen (Gilen, C boys) and Esme Bunsen (Jillen, B girls) took second place in their class. Jochem Kessels (Sittard, boys A) and Florian Schmidt (Bilzen (M), boys B) took seventh and Bender Rejenders (Maastricht, boys C) took eighth.

TOC Limburg took second place in the team standings due to such good performances.

The National Championships Race will be held at the IVY Climbing in Sittard on Saturday 19th November. On Saturday December 3rd, also at IVY Climbing, Open NK Speed ​​2022 will be held.

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