Google account required from 2025 when using Fitbit devices | Technique

Users of Fitbit devices such as smartwatches and sports trackers will be able to link their devices to a Google account from 2023. This will become mandatory from 2025 and Google will stop supporting Fitbit accounts, according to support page from Fitbit.

From 2023, Fitbit users will be able to link their devices to a Google account. To encourage the use of these accounts, future devices and new features will only work with a Google account.

Google guarantees support for existing Fitbit accounts until at least 2025. After that, the support stops and the link to the Google account becomes mandatory.

Google acquired Fitbit in 2020. At the beginning of last year, the technology company received from the European Commission green light before the acquisition. However, Google had to promise that it would not use fitness data from users within the European Economic Area (EEA) to create advertising profiles.

Google specifically refers to the binding commitments the Company has made to the authorities on its support page. The company maintains that Fitbit users’ health data is not used for advertising. According to Google, the company keeps this data separate from data for advertising.

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