Google Assistant in Android Auto speaks your WhatsApp messages correctly again

a lot of Android AutoUsers have been annoyed by Google Assistant since last year reading WhatsApp messages in poor Dutch. This issue is now finally fixed by update.

Google Assistant without English accent

Reading texts in the car is a blessing from heaven if you have to keep your eyes on the road. This is one of the benefits of Google Assistant in Android Auto. Unfortunately, Google’s smart sidekick has it Since August Problems with Dutch pronunciation last year. The assistant tries to read messages with an English accent and that seems a strong example of poor Dutch.

Google arrived at the beginning of this year With a solution But this was not enough in our opinion. One had to adapt the android phone’s language to the assistant’s language. As a result, the multilingual assistant can no longer be used. Thankfully, this detour is no longer necessary because Android Auto version 6.1.6105 completely solves the problem, according to Androidworld Mark reader. We also tried it in the editorial office and it’s right, the Google Assistant speaks WhatsApp messages again in the correct Dutch language.

Is Google Assistant working properly in your car again? Let us know in the comments below this article.

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Thanks for the tip, Mark!

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