Google Assistant will improve “Okay Google” discovery with your voice

Google Assistant is activated with so-called “hot words”. In practice, however, this important word in the Netherlands “Oké Google” causes problems. For example, the “assistant” is often activated without uttering the important word, or the “assistant” does not understand you. In a fresh attempt by Google to fix this, Google may use your vote.

Google Assistant

Errors in activating a file Google Assistant They are usually caused by sounds that are difficult for the assistant to distinguish from the important word Okay Google, or the accent of the assistant’s user. If you encounter this problem, you can adjust the sensitivity via the assistant’s settings menu. However, the search giant wants to “prevent” this from happening, according to a new test program in the assistant settings, which knows 9to5Google.

at supportdocument van google The test program is explained further, with Google talking in the document about “unified learning” – a way to improve algorithms. After the testing software is activated, Google can record the audio voices for analysis. According to Google, the test is designed so that only the Oké Google hot word is stored. The data from these tests is stored locally – with encryption – and is not sent to Google’s servers.

The saved audio recordings are combined with data from other “Google Assistant” users using privacy-protecting technology “to” help the assistant learn over time and develop better smart features. ” After this analysis phase, the search giant sends a summary of the ‘Model Changes’ to Google’s servers.

Okay, Google activation

With recital learning enabled, up to 20 audio recordings are made daily for two situations: disrupting times when you did not utter the important word and when you spoke the important word but the assistant was not activated. In principle, you will not see when the assistant will record for standardized learning, but it is possible to exit the test program and delete all the audio recordings.

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By the way, Google only stores audio recordings for a limited period of time – after 63 days, the search giant automatically removes all audio recordings from your phone. You can also find the summary Google makes of your audio recordings in the Google Web & App Activity environment. If you want to permanently delete the data, you have to rely on it.

Activation logic improved

By participating in the Federal Learning Test Program, you are contributing to improving the assistant’s “activation logic”, according to Google. Currently, it appears that Google is testing the testing program with a small target group.

Perhaps Google will provide all Android phones with the functionality later. Will you participate in the test program? Plus: Are you already seeing the functionality appearing on your Android phone? Be sure to tell us in the comments at the bottom of the article.

Google Assistant

Google Assistant

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