Google closes millions of deals on news, Facebook no more news in Australia

Authorities in Australia are no longer able to share messages on Facebook because they were forced to pay for messages shared on the platform.

That decision came from Google’s deal, which is negotiating major deals with news sites in Australia. Google is trying to close these deals as much as possible before the new media law comes into force. This law forces large technology companies to share news on sites.

“Facebook will restrict publishers and people in Australia from sharing or viewing Australian and international news content in response to the Australian New Media Negotiation Act,” William Easton, managing director of Facebook Australia and New Zealand, wrote in a blog post. “The proposed law completely misunderstands the relationship between our site and the publisher.

This is a somewhat tough choice we have to make: follow the law at the expense of our current relationship or stop allowing news content on our platform in Australia. With pain in our hearts we choose the latter. “

Within two hours of this big decision, reports from Australian publishers that some Facebook users had disappeared were reported by NBC News’ Bianca Britton and the BBC’s Francis Mao.

News sites Big deals with Google

Google had previously threatened to leave the country if the law was changed, but instead they negotiated. Google has quickly struck a number of deals with major news sites such as Rupert Murdoch’s News Corp. It is not clear how much the deal has been paid for. Google has signed a deal with broadcaster Seven West Media for about $ 30 million. Google will negotiate when the new law comes into force.

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Is there so much search?

Pointing out that Facebook does not want to pay, Facebook states in a blog post that “business profits from news are very low” and that platform news is “less than 4% of all content people see”.

Australians do not search much for news on Google. However, Google still claims that removing the message content altogether will affect their code. Facebook is less afraid of this.

What are the consequences?

There will be repercussions for future news in Australia:

  • Australian publishers are not allowed to share or post content on their Facebook pages
  • International publishers can still post on Facebook, but you can’t see them in Australia
  • Australian users can no longer share messages with people or post on Facebook
  • If you are not an Australian, you will not be able to view or share news on Facebook from Australian publishers.

Facebook said a site like Google is always linked to news. Whether the platform likes it or not, Google itself searches for the news link. On Facebook, publishers and others choose to share messages.

Google played a dangerous game with Australia and threatened to remove the search engine. Australia responded by threatening to change Bing from Microsoft. In the end, Google broke the new rules and Australia did not switch to pink. As part of the legislation, changes to Google Messaging-related algorithms must be shared in a timely manner. It has long been speculated that Australia is in their sights in other countries and may one day take similar action.

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It is not yet clear what will happen if there is no news on Facebook. News sites are likely to suffer a lot from this. Online traffic is likely to decline. Many more fake messages can be spread and now the real news cannot be shared via Facebook. One bad thing, it should be clear …

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