Google helps remove personal data from search results

Google Introduces ‘Decisions About You’ The tool makes it possible to submit a request to remove personal data from search results. Think phone numbers, physical addresses, and email addresses.

Last spring Google announced that the functionality will be available “in the coming months.” No release date specified. On Wednesday, the tech giant announced that “Decisions About You” will soon be available to users in the US.

The tech giant shared the news during ‘Search On’, an event where various updates to search products and services are announced.

America comes first

Google will roll out results about you to all English-speaking users in the US in the coming weeks. This tool has a feature that was not disclosed during the initial announcement. This feature allows users to receive alerts when their contact details appear in search results.

Once the results about you are available, users can access the tool through the Google app or by pressing the three dots next to a Google search result.

The feature seems to have been available for a short time last week. Some users reported that the About You button appeared in the Google app for Android.

Anyone can submit a request

Anyone can submit an application, but not every application will be processed. Google adjusts search results only if the search results contain personal, harmful, illegal or outdated information.

After submitting the downgrade request, users can track the status through the app. The overview shows the requests being processed and the requests completed.

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