Google is expanding the “Magic Eraser” feature to many other phones

The feature was introduced with the Pixel 6 in 2021, as an exclusive part of the Google Photos app. Google hinted that Magic Eraser and related functions were only possible on devices with its own Tensor chip, which appeared with the Pixel 6. These chips are also included in later models, which have also been officially available in the Netherlands since last year. But now the photo functions are coming to other devices, Google reports.

It’s about Magic Eraser, where users can erase objects and people, after which artificial intelligence ensures that interference is invisible. For example, traffic lights can be easily erased from photos or people from the background. There is also a milder variant: camouflage, where users can give objects a different, less noticeable color. For example, a bright red trash can can be more eye-catching than a beige alternative. Applications like Photoshop have similar functionality.

Only for subscribers

Thus, Smart Photo functionality is coming to more devices, but only to Google One subscribers; Pixel devices will continue to use the features for free. The Google One subscription offers, among other things, additional storage space, and is available from € 1.99 per month.

In addition to magic erasers, more smart functions will be available to everyone. For example, there is a function that makes ordinary videos HDR: dynamic contrast increases, for example, with brighter skies and more detail in the shadows. Photo functionality will soon be available to subscribers of the Google Photos app available for both Android and iOS. The feature will roll out in the coming weeks, and it won’t be immediately available to everyone.

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