Google must pay half a million euros to aggrieved ex-Australian politician | Abroad

An Australian court has ordered Google to pay A$715,000 (480,500 euros) to John Barillaro, former deputy prime minister of New South Wales. That bouncer reports. Barillaro was insulted and harassed in two YouTube videos by comedian Jordan Shanks, as he became depressed and left politics.

Barilaro sued comedian Shanks and Google, the parent company of YouTube, in 2020. In November 2021, Barilaro already reached a settlement with Shanks (internet alias Friendlyjordies), after Shanks apologized for the harassment and edited the videos. .

However, Google refused to take videos offline. The company initially defended the videos, although it stopped doing so before the lawsuit began.

According to Barillaro’s lawyer, his client’s political reputation was significantly damaged by false messages in the videos, for which he demanded the maximum compensation. A judge in Australia agreed on Monday, saying Barillaro was “psychologically traumatized” by the “hateful” and “racist” videos. According to the judge, Barillaro was forced to “prematurely leave public office”.

After the sentencing, Barillaro said he felt “rehabilitated”. “This is the end of a very difficult period for me and I wouldn’t have come here without the support of my family, friends and colleagues,” he said. “All I wanted was for Google to remove the videos, but it didn’t. It’s not easy to start a fight, but I’m glad I did.”

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