Google Now allows users to test new Android Auto updates

The beta software works just as it works with other Google apps: Every once in a while, you can download a new update that includes beta features or tweaks. Then you pass on your experiences to Google, which processes all the comments in the final version.

There has been a test program for some time, but it was almost impossible to participate in it.

You can join the beta program by registering via a special “subscription” page. Then download the trial version from the Play Store.

Beta updates are less reliable and more stable than regular updates, he warns The Google. The company is also asking if users don’t want to publicly announce new features.

This information from public betas usually leaks quickly to the press.

Android Auto in the Netherlands for a few months now

Android Auto has been of limited use for a long time. The app was launched in many countries in March of this year rolled, including the Netherlands.

With the beta program, Google now wants to see, among other things, how certain updates work in other countries. Android Auto allows you to use some Android services in the car, including Google Maps and Spotify. You can operate the app hands-free via Google Assistant.

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