Google now offers a passwordless login method

Passkeys are an alternative way to log into an online account. The private key is stored locally on a smartphone or other device. When you try to log into a website, you get that device and type in a PIN or scan your fingerprint or face.

Since only the device in question has your passkey, it will be difficult for hackers, for example, to hack the system. They will have to steal your phone if they want to access your login method.

Google users can choose this passkey from this week. The FIDO Alliance, the organization responsible for implementing passkeys, agrees the edge happy with – happy with. According to them, Google is making the technology more popular overnight because a lot of people have a Google account.


“The use of passwords places a lot of responsibility on our users,” the Google Account team wrote. his blog. “It can be difficult to set good passwords and remember them all. Tech-savvy users are often scammed by phishing.”

These passkeys should take the worries away from the users. They no longer have to come up with unique passwords and remember them, but a smartphone pin code is enough.

The passwords still remain

In addition to passkeys, the search giant also continues to offer passwords as a way to log in. Google wants to take a closer look at whether passwords are still a logical login method, as more users set passkeys.

In addition to Google, Apple and Microsoft are also implementing passkeys. The tech giants hope to make this the most straightforward way to log in in time.

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