Google pulls its game studios for Stadia

Google announced in its blog that it no longer wants to create exclusive Stadia games. The company says it will continue to invest in the platform and Stadia continues to attract new games.

Stadia Games and Entertainment

at Its weekly news update Tuesday made it StadiaThe team announced that the development of first-party games for the platform would be finished. There are still doubts about Stadia’s additional strategy around games.

“It takes years of time to develop the best games from the start and big investment to offer exclusive content from our in-house developer team. Our focus is on building the proven technology behind Stadia and expanding business partnerships. Stadia games & Entertainment other than the games planned for a short period, “said a Google statement.

Google pulls its game studios for Stadia

Focus on the platform

So Google is pulling the plug from its game studio before releasing the first game. Google also says that Jade Raymond, president of Stadia Games & Entertainment, is already pursuing other opportunities. In November of 2020, Google stated that the first exclusive games were expected from 2023. Our sister site knows this. Play Station.

On the other hand, Google continues to invest in developing Stadia as a platform. The company will also enter into deeper partnerships with game partners. What exactly this means is not yet clear.

Google pulls its game studios for Stadia

Second party exclusive?

The Stadia team may want to point out that Google wants to attract more games from third parties or that Google wants to invest in so-called second-party exclusives. These are exclusive Stadia games made by other game studios for Google platform. One of these games is GYLT, which was the first exclusive title at the launch of Stadia.

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We already know that Google is currently working with five game studios to release second-party games for Stadia. It seems that strategy is now being pushed to the fore when it comes to exclusive titles.

You can discover the latest news, reviews and live broadcasts from Stadia on its sister site What do you think of Google’s move to stop releasing its own addresses? Do you think second-party exclusives could play a similar role on Stadia? Let us know in the comments at the bottom of this article.



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