Google search engine will soon display more useful search results | Technique

Google will soon roll out an update to its search engine. This should ensure that users get better search results and don’t see reports that are “interesting only to the algorithm” google Thursday.

The tech company will feature helpful content over the course of the next week. It adjusts Google’s algorithm for compiling lists of search results.

Google cites people looking for information about a new movie as an example. After the update, they will soon see the results with useful and updated information, instead of sites with pirated articles and reviews.

Another thorn in Google’s side are the websites that enable so-called click farms. These companies hire people who have to visit the customer’s website multiple times a day. This makes it clear that the site is popular and well visited. This way you will be higher in search results in search. Google’s improved algorithm should counter this by recognizing these fraudulent websites and placing them at the bottom of the search results list.

Additionally, another Google Search update is on the way. Good, in-depth product reviews should appear in search results.

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