May 26, 2024


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Google stops tracking Apple ads code for iPhone users | right Now

Google stops tracking Apple ads code for iPhone users |  right Now

Google will stop using the Apple ID in its own apps, such as YouTube and Maps. Apple code allows app creators to identify users on different devices, even if they aren’t signed in.

Apple assigns an identification number to each user. Apps can request this code to serve more targeted ads to this person.

Earlier, Apple announced there soon Be a little stricter: apps must request explicit permission to request an Apple number. The company announced on Wednesday that once this policy goes into effect, Google will no longer use the code Blog.

Apple said in its response that app developers still had to ask for permission if they ran ads and wanted to make measurements based on data from other companies. Google also plans to discard that data to meet Apple’s requirements.

Google still has alternatives for tracking users, for example by letting them sign in to apps.

Facebook does not intend to use Apple tracking numbers

Facebook, the largest online advertisement seller alongside Google, announced in December that it would require users for an Apple tracking code.

Facebook reported at the time: “Apple has made it clear that it will block Facebook in the App Store if we don’t use the Apple window.”

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