Google to address concerns about AI picture bot after criticism

Google is facing backlash over its new AI-powered tool, Gemini, which has been accused of over-correcting against the risk of being racist. Users have reported that the tool is supplying images depicting a variety of genders and ethnicities, even when historically inaccurate.

Criticism of the tool reached a peak when it showed women and people of color when prompted for images of America’s founding fathers. Google has acknowledged that the tool was “missing the mark” and is working to improve these depictions immediately.

This incident is just one example of AI stumbling over real-world questions about diversity. Google’s latest version of Gemini, which creates pictures in response to written queries, quickly drew critics accusing the company of training the bot to be too woke.

The claims gained traction in right-wing circles in the US, where big tech platforms are already facing backlash for alleged liberal bias. Google’s senior director for Gemini Experiences emphasized that the company takes representation and bias seriously and wants its results to reflect its global user base.

Google is now working to fix the issues with Gemini and ensure that its AI-powered tool is creating images that are more accurate and respectful of historical accuracy. The company’s response to this criticism will be closely watched as it continues to navigate the complex intersection of technology and diversity.

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