Goose musician organizes Zillion club night in Den Trap in Kortrijk

Around zillion A lot of ink has already spilled in recent weeks, but did you know that the movie about the dance hall in fabled Antwerp also has a Flemish West side? The soundtrack was created by drummer Goose Bert Libeert of Kortrijk. This weekend his work as B1980 will also be released on vinyl. To celebrate, he organizes Zillion Club Night at Den Trap Café on Saturdays with Sonhouse Records.

With his side project B1980, Bert Lippert previously made music for the short film pickles By Robin Bronte, Director zillion. “There was an instant flick between us. Although I’d never been to a disco, I gladly accepted his request for a full soundtrack. zillion to do,” Burt says.

“I also saw a challenge getting away from the original ’90s club tracks, which is the guiding principle of the film. I especially had to enhance some characters and tragic stories with my music. For that, I used, among other things, an old, old analog synthesizer.”

release party

Thanks to Mounir Hathout of Sonhouse Records, this soundtrack is now also appearing as an album. On all digital platforms and on vinyl. It bears the clear title Zillion – original soundtrack by B1980. “Sadly I missed the official movie premiere as I was touring the UK with Goose at the time. However, I saw the vinyl version as an opportunity to throw a party myself. I do it in my hometown, at Café Den Trapp: almost a zillion Kortrijk!”, laughs .

Burt will present a live group like B1980 on Saturday 12th November at around midnight. DJ Gerald does a warm-up, followed by a DJ by Goose bassist Tom Coghe. “Don’t expect much from Zillion classics, but from dark club music. We start at 10pm. Make sure to arrive on time, because it’s full and the interest seems high,” adds Burt.

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