Got a girl photographed with red hot chili peppers in jansey shans

Photographer William Rutte photographed in 1990 at the Red Hot Chili Peppers Band’s Janssey Scans. Another viewer of Scans, a young woman, was close to the band the whole time and eventually filmed with the band. After a long search it was revealed who the woman was. That’s Australian Sonia.

RTV Johnstreek Talked to Rutte about the special photo. In 2014, he saw the photo again and made an appeal on social media. He wondered if anyone knew who the woman was. She may not be aware that she is in a movie with a famous band. The call is widely shared and re-issued every few months, but not every time. There were reactions, but no one could prove that she really was this woman.

Until a few weeks ago. William Rutten told RTV Johnstreak yesterday that the woman in the photo was identified by Johnny Moss. Johnny knew that this woman was the daughter of a foreigner from Australia who had been living in the Netherlands for 3 years, but they moved back to Australia some time ago.


Johnny was able to reconnect with the woman’s family. The woman, Sonia, contacted William Rutton. Sonia thought being in the film with the band was surreal, especially since her partner was a big fan of the band and went to a concert two years ago.

Sonia was able to prove that she is the woman in the photo. He sent photos taken when his family visited Johns Shawns in 1991. He sent Rutte the photos his family had made to Jonsey Shawns. Sonia is undoubtedly identified in it.

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