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Following the example of the county government, Governor Theo Bovins has resigned. He declared this in the Limburg Parliament.

“It is my intention to make my position available, and to remain working until a successor is appointed,” Buffins said in a statement. “This leaves room for a new beginning.”

The Freedom Party’s no-confidence motion was on the table, just as it was against the county government. He will not be the one shaping the integrity policy the most. “There was a vote of no confidence. This does something for you and it catches,” Bovens said in a statement. “It definitely affects me because nowhere has it shown that I am not the right man in the right place. I have always felt supported, and I have never been reprimanded. Not even from your country. But in recent weeks the picture has changed. The truth is that I myself am involved in a case of integrity,” Which affects me the most.

Read Buffins’ full statement here

The suggestion, which could possibly count on a majority, states that Buffins repeatedly acted very cautiously and cautiously “in persistent and enduring integrity issues.”

Vrehen disaster
The proposal stated that he would also have withdrawn from “finding the truth” regarding the Vrehen disaster. A whole relationship developed around the now fired IKL director and ex-CDA deputy Vrehen.

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Frein, himself a former deputy to CDA House, emerged as the director of IKL to direct paid tasks through regional subsidies to his operating companies. He also received an extraordinary pay for his job at the Foundation for the Preservation of Small Landscape Items.

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Since 2011
Bovins has been governor since October 1, 2011. Before that, he was, among other things, an advisor, party chair, local councilor on behalf of the CDA in Maastricht and president of the Executive Board of the Open University.

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Watch Theo Bovens’ speech in full here:

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