Governorate Council Elections: What can governorate mean to your association?

Provincial council elections will be held on March 15. It is also related to sports. Image: shutterstock

Provincial council elections will be held on March 15. Although sport is not a primary task for the provinces, sport and exercise feature in the electoral platforms of the various parties. A boycott can also mean a lot to the (Union) sport. In recent months, the KNVB, together with other sports associations and NOC*NSF, has put sport and exercise on the provincial agenda and will continue to do so after the elections.

Districts have an important role in sports and exercise. For example, they play a crucial role in staging international sporting events, achieving sustainable supra-domestic sports facilities, exercise-friendly design of outdoor spaces and in top regional sports training centres. The KNVB sent out a letter to each county calling for further investment in football green accommodation, an exercise-friendly environment, and financially resilient clubs.

In addition, representatives of other sports federations, NOC * NSF, regional sports organizations, the Sports Federation and Municipalities and an employee of the Corporate Affairs Department of the KNVB make up the NL PS2023 sports campaign team. This is a working group to put sport and exercise on regional agendas. In the run-up to elections, and especially afterwards, when coalition agreements are being formed and negotiated. The basic message is: Vigorous province through the strength of sports and aerobics.


With this message, the sports campaign team has been lobbying the drafters of the various parties’ electoral platforms since June last year. In the run-up to the election, the Sports Campaign, together with the Knowledge Center for Sport and Exercise, has calculated that every €1 invested in sport and exercise amounts to 2AndIt generates €7 in social value, eg in avoided care and mental health. The numbers vary by municipality and province. numbers in form Graphs It was made available to political officials and members of the provincial and regional executive.

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After the elections, the work of the sports campaign team will continue. Thus becomes one letter It is sent to all professionals and formed parties in all twelve counties. There is also one example Sports section Written as an entry for the regional coalition agreement. This is communicated to the authors of these agreements and their advisors.

Examples of cooperation between the Football Association and the province

Although sport is not a primary mission in the county, there are many examples where the county plays or has played an important role in the field of sport. in the football club New neighbors For example, the province of Drenthe funded the latest lot to make the sports park more sustainable. Governorate North Holland Providing two million euros in November for sports clubs that want to make their complexes more sustainable.

Through the New Doen Fund, the Province of Groningen contributed the €1 million needed to replace the accommodation FC Grottegast. There is now a multi-functional and energy-saving beautiful residence where sports and music are combined. In all, about 1 million euros were required to create the complex.

Vuelta and the Women’s World Cup

Districts also play an important role in organizing major sporting events. For example, the provinces of Utrecht and North Brabant together put 3.5 million euros into staging the start and early stages of last year’s Vuelta. In the same way, the provinces could campaign for the organization of the FIFA Women’s World Cup in 2027, for which the Netherlands is a candidate along with Germany and Belgium.

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The province of Gelderland allocates around 5 million euros a year to the sport, which is spent on the programme, among other things. Be an athletethe Gelderse Sports Agreement and the completion of 30 gridiron sports fields across the province.

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