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The weather forecast for the Dutch race looks very favorable. It will be dry Friday, Saturday and Sunday with plenty of sun during the weekend. You can read more details in this article.

Last Monday the weather forecast for Sunday’s race was still uncertain with a good chance of showers. It is now clear that the weather will be beautiful on Sunday. The contrast with last weekend’s Belgian GP could be much greater.

Friday sun or clouds

Friday will be a dry day. The northern Netherlands has a lot of clouds and the southern hemisphere has a lot of sun. Zandvoort is a bit on the border, where there will probably be plenty of sun. With the sun the temperature is about 21 degrees, but if it stays cloudy all day it will be only about 17 degrees and the wind is moderate and blowing from the northeast.

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On Saturday, the winds will shift from the northeast to the east and the chance of continuous clouds in Zandvoort is much lower. During qualification it is sunny with some cumulus clouds. It will stay dry and will have a temperature of about 20 degrees, the sun shines in the middle of the day with the strength of the sun 5. If you are in the sun for a longer time, it is wise to apply. Without sunscreen, your skin can burn out in as little as 20-40 minutes.

warm sunday

Race day is the most important day of the racing weekend. Temperatures in Zandvoort will be 22 degrees, but in the south and east of the Netherlands summers can be regional with 25 or 26 degrees. There is a lot of sunshine and there are some cumulus clouds. Just like on Saturday, the sun rises between 12:00 and 15:00 with the strength of the sun 5. The winds are moderate at most and blow from the east.

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