Granman Asungu looking at the vaccination site of the Medical Mission (MZ)

During today’s meeting, MZ Management handed over a gift to Granman and DC.

Granman of the indigenous triad Granman, Asungo Alabaru, directed himself today, at the invitation of MZ, to the focal point in the context of vaccination against the Coronavirus. Prior to the media visit, de Granman met, accompanied by the Ciballoyne County Commissioner, Marilou Saba, with MZ management.

During this meeting, MZ de Granman reported about the COVID-19 vaccine and the vaccination process. Granman, in turn, raised the concerns of the triumvirate. One of the community’s concerns is the reports of relatives dying after vaccination in Brazil. Although there is a lot of talk about this, de Granman says he fully trusts MZ, who is in charge of healthcare at home.

According to Granman, he was directed by the community to head first in Paramaribo, what does the vaccination process look like and get back to the village with this information. De Granman indicated that the community is ready to share information with MZ during krutu, so that they too can make a well-thought-out and sound decision in the far south.

After the meeting, Granman visited the organization’s vaccination team at the center where community workers and individuals were vaccinated. For this reason, Granman, together with the district commissioner, made an impression on the vaccination process and would be back in his community soon.

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