Grapperhaus unhappy with the Kuipers curfew provisions | The interior

Grapperhaus remains convinced that the curfew has worked. We put in place this curfew because international research will show that it can make an 8-10% difference. And indeed, after a week, it was already found that mobility had decreased by about 10%. And in these movements, on the street and in the vicinity, lies the risk of infection. I think it was very good to help ourselves by working with this 3-month curfew. “

When the curfew was lifted to 10pm, Grapperhaus said it had “made a big contribution.” “Then it really got a little less.”

There is no return curfew

Grapperhaus doesn’t see the unpopular action return anytime soon. “We have to really talk about vaccination and immunity. We have now said, ‘We will stop now,’ and at this time of year we are now inside and I am not expecting much benefit from the curfew.”

The working group Virus Truth has already said it will incorporate Kuipers’ statements in a new court case about curfews. A preliminary injunction will be issued on Monday. Graberhouse is not worried about going to court. “We had the argument in February about whether the curfew was legally sound, and the court gave a very convincing ‘yes’, so I have no doubt about that.”

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