Great new features for the iOS app

Netflix released an update to the iOS app on Monday. The new interface uses smoother animations and feature elements that respond to your iPhone’s movements.

Netflix Update: New interface for the iOS app

To view the new interface, update the Netflix app on your iPhone to the latest version. You can do this via the App Store app. if I were program After opening the Netflix update, you will see a large image of a movie or series on the screen. This image reacts to your iPhone’s movements, which is possible because the app now uses the accelerometer.

As your iPhone moves, not only will you see the image move, but the lighting will also change. Now when you click on a movie, the information window opens more smoothly and you can swipe down on the screen to close the window again.

Click on the image to see the animation and lighting effect.

In addition to these great new features, Netflix has made content filtering a lot easier with this update. You can also see more clearly via “New & Hot” content that will be added to the app in the near future. Moreover, now there is also a Comedy tab where you can watch short and funny clips in a TikTok-like manner.

Read on after the announcement.

Designer Janum Trivedi has helmed the project through 2022 and announced the rollout of the Netflix update yesterday on Twitter.

Netflix with ads still not working on Apple TV

Netflix introduced a release plan with an announcement last year. The goal was to get more subscribers, because this version would be a little cheaper. Netflix later announced that the new, cheaper version would not be available on Apple TV. Unfortunately, nothing about this has changed after this Netflix update.

Netflix has never provided an explanation for the Apple TV exclusion. For now, Apple TV users therefore rely on the more expensive regular version. In addition, the version with ads is still not available in the Netherlands. This version is currently only available in the US, UK, Canada, Australia, Brazil, France, Germany, Italy, Japan and South Korea.

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