Great on the court, on the track, or in the gym

As of this year, Wimbledon has continued its long run Wear white clothesRegulations at sea: Women are now allowed to wear plain (dark) tennis shorts under competition clothing. Not because women – including tennis players – can decide for themselves what to wear under their clothes, but to ensure that menstruating women can fully focus on their sport without having to worry about other things. Good development, I think. Or as the activists put it succinctly: About bloody time. After all, Wimbledon has been open to female tennis players for decades.

Color rule

I never really understood the benefit of the above clothing or color rule anyway. Because A: It doesn’t work. and b: each person (m/f/o) should have a space to show who they are and who they are. A right that should also apply to athletes. How cool to see this space being taken up more and more. Where not so long ago beauty– Athletes’ ritual of movement seems to be limited to a thorough washing with soap and water – apart from one tiny lash line – these days it feels like a visit to the nail stylist Bon Ton And the hair dryer also seems to be used with enthusiasm. And long-distance skier Jutta Leerdam takes it for granted Fierce winged eye Just as naturally during competitions and training sessions as it is in special moments. This is who you want it to be. Whether she’s wearing a ski suit or a crop top. I’d love to see that a little bit magnificence And sparkle on the field, on the court, or in the gym.

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The idea that these things are no match for serious exercise is outdated. This has already been proven many times. Take, for example, the track record of the Williams sisters. For decades, they have won major titles and other major tournaments not only with their great tennis but also with their amazing and often meaningful creations.

Her superhero look got Serena Williams banned from Roland Garros

You may remember the lions catsuit With a red push-up band, Serena appeared at Roland Garros in 2018 as a new mom. The superhero costume that made her, however, banned from the organization. Then two tones one rack (jumpsuit with one leg), which she wore in her first match at the 2021 Australian Open. An ode to legendary runner Florence Griffith Joyner, who won four Olympic medals in the 1980s and broke world records with a big smile.

Funky clothes

Griffith Joyner, Also known as In addition to being the fastest woman in the world, Flo Jo was also a fan of fashion and style beauty. Something that was clearly visible during training and competitions. She always showed up shimmering In the beginning: full of makeup, loose curls and costumes coward.

Even more surprising, however, were her centimeter-long acrylic nails in the most diverse colors. Popular with progressive African American women of the time. At first that was it nail art It is called the “ghetto”, but this trend has now been widely followed. He shouts This is for all women in sports expressing themselves magnificence and individuality. Wear what you want and show who you are. Despite salty clothe and critics.

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