Great returns in group auctions cut everything and everywhere at once

Artificial hot dog hand? $55,000. A car that needs a “new gearbox, engine, tires and interior renovation”? $11,000. And a teddy bear aka Raccacoonie? 90 thousand dollars.

in prices

Last week’s special auction was organized by A24, the independent film studio behind “Everything Everywhere All at Once.” This film, about a Chinese-American laundry owner who struggles to pay her taxes, won another major award last week and has been nominated for 11 Oscars.

New York times He writes about the auction. Among other things, a costume inspired by Elvis Presley was auctioned, as well as a prize in a sexually colored form. All auctioned items appear in the movie.

The auction raised a total of $555,000. The money will go to three charities that support the Asian American community, transgender people and people who work in laundromats.

Usually there is not much interest

Jason Kisvarday, who is responsible for designing many of the pieces, told the American newspaper that he was amazed by the proceeds from the auction. “Normally there isn’t much interest in these things once the movie comes out.” Who bought the items is not disclosed.

Since the release of Everything Everywhere Every Time, the movie has grossed over $100 million.

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