Green electricity is cheaper in the US: Is the end nigh for coal-fired power plants?

In the United States, coal-fired electricity generation is declining. Twenty years ago, coal accounted for more than 50 percent of the energy supply. Today it is 20 percent.

Clean energy prices are falling

The decline is primarily due to competition with natural gas. In addition, efficiency has been greatly improved, reducing the need for electricity and reducing demand. In addition, coal’s economic decline is now accelerating due to rapid declines in clean energy prices and smart government policies, she says. studying.

Analysis shows that the new US legislation – the Irish Republican Army – is accelerating. Irish Republican Army (Law of Reducing Inflation) Ensures that entrepreneurs can apply tax cuts to new energy technologies. Think solar, wind or hydrogen production.

Investing in sustainability is more attractive

An IRA makes investing in sustainable energy a lot cheaper. So cheap, in fact, that it’s more expensive to run a coal-fired power plant than to install new solar and wind facilities. In the United States, 209 of the 210 coal plants are more expensive to run than replacing them with new, cheaper wind or solar energy.

On average, a coal-fired power plant costs about $36 per MWh. For solar at $24 per MWh, which is about a third cheaper.

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