Green hydrogen will solve the water shortage

Hydrogen is produced by the electrolysis of water. This requires a lot of stable electricity and fresh water. Aside from the fact that freshwater is often scarce, areas with more sun are more suitable.

His Most recent report IRENA says this problem can be solved by using desalinated seawater. This increases the cost of producing hydrogen, but hydrogen is not very expensive. According to Irina, the total cost of producing hydrogen is only four percent higher.

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Not enough clean water

This is good news for countries like Saudi Arabia, Namibia, Chile and Australia. All of these areas have plans to produce large amounts of green hydrogen because they have vast areas that can generate more solar energy, but not enough fresh water.

Water desalination and transportation costs are high. The installation can also be used to produce fresh water for other customers, such as locals, to reduce costs. IRENA says large-scale desalination of seawater will reduce costs.

Hydrogen costs are lower

In this way, the production of green hydrogen provides a sustainable energy source, but freshwater that can be used for the local environment. Without too much cost for hydrogen. “Water scarcity is a major challenge for Africa. But green hydrogen can solve this problem instead of making it worse, ”IRENA said.

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