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Friday, March 24, 2023

36 hours | Zeewold €2,581 – €3,732

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Are you at home with municipal public outdoor spaces and do you dare to innovate (think sustainability) in management and maintenance?

We are looking for a supervisor/manager for the construction and management of public outdoor spaces for the municipality. This employee can be widely deployed in the outdoor area, but the main focus of activities lies in the management of public green spaces, cleaning of streets, playgrounds, beach and cemetery.

For our Public Places Management (BOR) team, we are looking for a Green Supervisor / Supervisor for a 36 hour week.

will work here
Beautifully located on the water and centrally located in the Netherlands is the smallest municipality in our country, Zeewold. Whether large or small in size, major cities are easily accessible, yet surrounded by the tranquility and beautiful nature of Veloy. The hospitality of the residents, the concern for sustainability and the character of the village make Zeewold a great place to live, work and live. Society and society are changing at a rapid pace, which calls for a different government. The municipality was given more responsibilities. As a result, the organization is in full development with the main goal of being happy and happy citizen. Focusing on our residents, companies, institutions and institutions, we act as professional personnel in social and administrative tasks. We also do it together in the framework of the Meerinzicht Partnership, to which Ermelo and Harderwijk also belong.
Our Vision: We are an agile and forward looking organization (divided into five goals). Our Mission: We Do! Serviceable, solutions oriented, externally oriented and proximal.

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Within the municipality of Zeewolde, we are engaged in giving substance to the following.

● Environmental value. Design and management help halt biodiversity decline or increase it again;
● Sustainability: how can we reduce the negative impact of the work done by the municipality on the climate and the environment;
● With residents and businesses: If users of public spaces or local residents have a desire to manage or design public space, it will be granted unless there are good arguments not to do so.

This is what you will do
Zeewolde is a green municipality. It’s up to you to make the neighborhoods in Zeewolde greener with other fellow public space management team, making living in Zeewolde even more enjoyable. We are curious about your visions about being green.

● Supervise the implementation of construction and maintenance work.
● Identify problems, anomalies, bottlenecks, and developments and provide advice and/or solutions (both wanted and unsolicited);
● joint evaluation of quotations and plans for office staff;
● Dealing with residents’ wishes.

your talents
What skills do you bring? Think experience about working safely along the trail, working with tree handbook, forest management, environmental edge management, wild plant knowledge, VCA, trees and shrubs knowledge, etc.? Let us know.

● You have a strong personality with substantive and technical knowledge of the field.
● You are progressive and know how to prioritize.
● You approach everything with a positive attitude and think together with both the residents and the Zeewolde municipal council.
● A service-oriented attitude is important when liaising with residents, but you must also be able to explain what isn’t possible.
● You deliver quality and look forward.
● Have an eye on the environment in which you work.

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We also consider the following important:

● You have at least a Diploma of Green Education MBO Level 3 for Green Living Environment.
● You have experience in supervision.
● Preferably experience working with RAW specifications.

This is what you get from us
Depending on education and experience, salary in scale 8 (min €2,581 / max €3,732 per month based on 36 hours per week) and based on HR21 position for employee supervision IV. This is excluding the Cao increase which will be processed into the payroll.

In addition, Zeewolde municipality also has excellent additional benefits:

● Individual Choice Budget (IKB) of 17.05%, which consists of, among other things, year-end bonus and holiday pay. In addition to being able to pay this amount, you can also take advantage of a tax advantage by using, for example, our bike plan or your contribution to the union.
● Work independently of place and time as well as good home work facilities.
● A net experience budget of €1,000 if you’ve been with us for five years.
● A travel allowance of €0.21 per kilometer (maximum 40 kilometers one way, with the option to exchange for tax purposes with your own IKB) or full travel expenses if you travel by public transport.

Curious about all our working conditions? You can read this on our website work on site.

Let us know
Are we looking for you? You can apply until Friday, April 14 via Apply button.

If you have any questions about the content of the vacancy, you can ask Juan Camvois, Team Leader for Public Space Management, via 036-5229468. Joyce Tickey, Strategic HR Advisor, is happy to answer questions about the application procedure via 085-1108148.

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Acquisition in response to this vacancy is not estimated.

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