Gregory Russia Explains the Appointment as a Paid State Counselor

In Suriname, it was announced yesterday that Paul Somohardjo, President of Bertajah Luhor, and Gregory Russia, the Chief Executive of the National Party of Suriname, were announced as members of the Assembly effective January 1 2021. Pay State Counselor. Russia issued an explanation in response.

The NPS CEO says he had an option to accept a position outside of government, but chose to do his job within the government sphere. Russia says this function serves, among other things, to enhance communication between the coalition parties.

“Accelerated development requires that political leaders adopt an active stance rather than a passive stance, which means that you have to be available for 1 × 24 hours. In addition, I coordinate housing development, as I must try with 5 ministers to help provide a perspective on a case The shortage of existing housing in our country. “

Officially he now has two responsibilities as a consultant and a member of DNA, which are also permitted jobs. “Regarding my DNA income, it can be indicated that he has been going to social projects for years and will continue to do so,” said Gregory Russia in a statement.

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