Groeneveen plays in the Dutch Championship Qualifier – Jutter

Santpoort-North-Groeveen Tennis & Padel has been playing padel since 2019 and has seven padel courts for some time now. Games are played at all levels. Groeneveen has had a team in the highest division since the summer of 2022; Premier League. In the winter competition, which concluded last week, Groeneveen’s team finished second. The team consists of Ole Oosterom and Daan van Randtwijk from their breeding and is complete with two German players: Christian Böhnke and Daniel Lingen.

On Sunday, March 12, Blesvik played for the Winter National title against Peakz Padel Rekre Sport from Utrecht, who had finished in first place without losses. Particularly in the match between Uli Ostrom and Daan van Randtwijk, there was great resistance against the Dutch No. 1 pair: Bram Meijer and Sten Richters. After losing 6-2 in the first set, they led 5-2. Two set points were not used, and subsequently I lost this match in a tiebreaker after many long battles. The other two matches were forfeited, so that the Peakz could no longer be outrun and they were crowned national champions. Groeneveen can look back on an exciting winter competition in which he proudly finished second in the Netherlands.

In June Groeneveen will play in the Eredivisie again after which they will also play at their own Park Groeneveen next to Driehuis station. A great opportunity to come and see swing at the highest level in the Netherlands. If you just can’t wait and want to play for yourself, take a look at the Groeneveen website.

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Photo: From left to right: Daniel Lingen, Christian Bonke, Dan Van Randtwijk, and Ole Ostrom. Photo: Supplied

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