GroenLinks: 5,000 homes built at Groningen Airport in Eelde. “The airport will never be profitable again.”

Investing in Groningen Airport ilde wins over a dead horse, Groenlinks believes. Therefore, the party wants to build 4,000 to 5,000 homes on the airport grounds.

Flying is bad for the environment, GroenLinks points out, and keeping the “Eelde” open also costs the community a lot of money. According to this party, shareholders must make a drastic decision. Closing the airport and developing the land for housing. These contributors are the counties of Groningen and Drenthe, the municipality of Tynaarlo and the FB Oranjewoud Foundation.


The feasibility study should show how realistic this plan is, as was demonstrated on Friday when it was presented by GroenLinks members of parliament in Groningen and Drenthe at Herberg van Hilbrantsz in Eelde. The new area will be given the temporary name of El Kevin. There must also be space to work. Sam Bormes of GroenLinks Drenthe stresses that it should not become an ‘expensive’ neighborhood.

About 30 percent of the homes should be social housing, plus there should be relatively cheap rental homes and private owner-occupied homes. It should also be a mix of flats and houses at ground level. GroenLinks believes that with the proceeds from the sale of the land, shareholders can purchase businesses on the airport land.

Solar Panels

The airport site is partially occupied by energy company GroenLeven, which has installed 63,000 solar panels. According to GroenLinks, they can stay there for the time being and are protected by greenery. A solar garden can actually contribute to the energy neutral residential area.

Member of Parliament Susanne Kreuger of GroenLinks attended the presentation of the plan. According to her, it is time to work on more environmentally friendly forms of travel than flying. This is why developing the airport site into a green residential area fits perfectly with GroenLinks’ ideas, she says.

The biggest party

Whether the party’s plans will make it is highly questionable. GroenLinks is the largest party in Groningen County Council, but not in Drenthe and Tinarlo. In addition, the provinces recently gave the go-ahead to temporarily compensate for the shortage at Groningen Eelde Airport. Tynaarlo City Council has yet to decide on this month, but the majority appears to be in favor of helping.

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