GroenLinks-PvdA wants more control over the construction of room-dwellings in Brzejc: “Removing the feeling of tyranny among citizens” | Kempin

Bergejk – Where are the Ruimte voor Ruimte houses in the vast Bergeijk hinterland still being allowed to be built, and under what conditions? Opposition party GroenLinks-PvdA argued at Thursday’s council meeting that the city council should have better control over the matter.

Rarely of modest size, they are hard to overlook in the vast countryside of many Brabant municipalities: the so-called space houses. “There are places within our outdoor area where you think: You don’t want to build like this – I will say it – a big villa house there. Also specifically to protect the spatial quality and cohesion there,” argued Fred Vermeulen (GroenLinks-PvdA).


Space houses are not randomly added to the outdoor area.

Aldermann Matijs Koijn (Bergic)

A rancher can get the right to build a large house in the outlying area, if he demolishes the farmhouses in return, within the space scheme for the sake of space in the county. Citizens can also buy or sell these rights from farmers whose stables have already been demolished (room-to-room address).

Accepted places already designated

It’s time for politicians to gain more insight into the criteria by which this building plan is being tested, and where these homes can be built, GroenLinks-PvdA believes. The reason was a plan to build two such houses on Heiereind in Riethoven, the zoning of which was determined at a council meeting. What options do we have here as a board to make adjustments, what frameworks do we have to properly assess this? ‘ Vermeulen wondered aloud.


But now people do not know how these building plans are being tested. We need to pay more attention to that.

Fred Vermeulen, member of the GroenLinks-PvdA Council in Bergek

Aldermann Matijs Koijn explained that such frameworks do exist. “The county provides this by noting that you should build primarily in remote areas in places where there are already some buildings. In addition, as a municipality, we have created visions for areas where spatially acceptable places have been identified. You also are not allowed to place homes in close proximity. severe from each other, so that they remain open.”

‘Prevent feelings of arbitrariness among citizens’

According to Kuijken, these visions include 11 places where Room for Space homes can be built. “So the RvR houses were not randomly added to the outer area.” The council apparently did not know those same frameworks, and the alderman’s conclusion was.

According to Vermeulen, a lack of familiarity with the rules is reason enough to “open the dialogue” about it. How often do these types of requests come? I am not saying it is randomly built. But now people do not know what is being tested. We have to pay more attention to this matter to avoid alienation and a sense of arbitrariness among citizens. And the frameworks of our party may extend far beyond what we have now drawn.”

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