GroenLinks wants hundreds of millions for the construction of a new reserve

The costs for this, between 250 and 400 million euros, are to be paid from the 24 billion euros that the government has set aside for the nitrogen approach, as well as from the provinces, national government and other budgets for Europe’s natural construction.

According to GroenLinks, it creates “more than 15,000 hectares of ecologically connected natural area”. By combining the two areas and giving space to nature, nature becomes stronger, in which nitrogen “has less influence,” the party said on Saturday.

And nature

In 2010, the then State Secretary Henk Blecker (Agriculture and Nature) put an end to the Oostvaarderswold project. He did not want to convert agricultural lands into nature. Flevoland wanted to continue the project, but it didn’t work out. GroenLinks still loves it. Politics The party will commit to this from The Hague and from the provincial councils of Flavoland and Gelderland.

“Years of right-wing policy have ensured that nature is in a terrible state,” says GroenLinks president Jesse Klaver. “We need more nature. That’s why we have to think bigger. GroenLinks doesn’t want to build more highways and airports, but the Netherlands’ largest natural reserve.”

Room for the Wolf

“As far as we are concerned, all nature areas in Flevoland are protected, not just the Natura2000 areas,” says party leader GroenLinks Flevoland Korina Stratsma. “We want the nature reserves in Flevoland to be connected into a closed network, including the connection to the Veluwe.”

Gelderland GroenLinks party leader Charlotte de Roo says that with the construction of Oostvaarderswold, more area will be available for large pastures. “It gives the wolf room to naturally manage the wildlife.”

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