Groningen in the top 10 places to give birth with the most Olympic medals

Ranomi Krumwidjojo during an open car tour in Swerd after her performance at the 2012 London Olympics. Photo: ANP/Vincent Jannink

Groningen is the sixth largest city in the Netherlands. In the ranking of Dutch cities and towns that have collected the most medals at the Summer Olympics since 1900, it ranks eighth.

A search by the holiday home search engine Holedo showed that 11 Olympic medalists were born in Groningen. Together they were good at 15 medals: 5 gold, 6 silver and 4 bronze.

These include brothers Everett and Jaap Boulder, who won bronze in 1920 with the Dutch national football team, and rowing sisters Gret and Nicolette Hellmanns who won silver in 1984 with doubles.

Assen at 44 (after Swerd)

Topping the ranking is Amsterdam (96 medals), followed by The Hague (55) and Rotterdam (39). Assen is the highest place in Drenthe (44).

Few places higher (40) are the much smaller Sauwerd, the birthplace of Ranomi Kromowidjojo, alone good for 4 Olympic medals.

Here is an overview of all the cities and towns where Dutch Summer Olympics medalists were born:

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