Grosjean shows special helmet design during the first IndyCar test

Romain Grosjean is leading his first official test in the IndyCar series today. In addition, he wears a special helmet: the one that his kids designed for the Abu Dhabi Grand Prix last season.

The Frenchman had to miss the final part of the Formula 1 year due to his terrifying crash in Bahrain two weeks ago. Grosjean collided with the crash barrier at the Bahrain International Circuit at high speed, after which his car broke in two and caught fire. The 34-year-old vanished in a wildfire, but managed to escape on his own after 28 seconds. He suffered severe burns to his hands, but thankfully he survived relatively well.

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However, his Formula 1 career appears to have reached a dramatic end. Grogan has since left the sport and crossed into the United States. Here he will debut in this year’s IndyCar series. His career in the royal class also ends well. Grojian is allowed to test for Mercedes Championship formation.

Grosjean is leading the first official test of IndyCar today. He says he looks up to it on social media and takes pride in designing his helmet. An experienced knight leads a special version drawn by his children and wife. Grogan initially wore it during the Abu Dhabi Grand Prix, but as said before, he had to go through it. The photo also clearly shows that his hands are still recovering.

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