Grow your YouTube channel with these trends in 2022

With over 1,7 billion unique monthly visitors, YouTube is definitely leading the competition for video content. It is the right platform to make a blog, promote a product, and increase brand awareness simultaneously.

Growing a channel from scratch is challenging, but things get easier when following modern digital trends. We have prepared five trends that will skyrocket your content in 2022!

1. Live Streaming

Live streaming allows you to interact with the audience in real-time, answering questions and fulfilling requests. This format is extremely popular on social media. It’s expected that the video streaming market will grow at a CAGR of 21%, reaching a market size of $223.98 billion by 2028. If you didn’t start streaming, now is the best time to try!

Some ideas for running a live stream are:

  • Interviewing experts from different areas;
  • Q&A sessions regarding any topic related to your brand;
  • Auctioning, and more.

Before starting your stream, make sure to check your setup, connection, media quality, and overall preparation. Writing a preliminary plan for the session is also a great idea.

2. YouTube Shorts

YouTube Shorts are the spitting image of TikTok’s and Snapchat’s short videos. The feature allows uploading media that’s up to 60 seconds long, providing the perfect platform for generating viral content.

Some ideas for creating YouTube Shorts are:

  • Best moments from your streams & videos;
  • Reposts from Instagram Stories, TikTok, Snapchat;
  • Separately filmed videos to engage viewers with your account.

People love short content. You can make a video that will draw thousands of organic views with the proper preparation. Using the format for building hype before & after publishing a video is a great practice.

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3. New Practices

The world evolves, and so does YouTube. It regularly provides new content creation features, allowing you to present videos in a whole new way.

Consider using the following features:

  • Chapters;
  • Premieres.

Chapters are an excellent tool for segmenting your video into several parts. You can name each section and set its timeframes, allowing viewers to get a general idea of what they’ll watch. Content makers often apply this feature when making music videos – they name each chapter by the track that’s being played.

Adding chapters to a video is best done manually. They start from 00:00 and must be at least 10-seconds long. You must also have at least three chapters. Allowing chapters to generate automatically may involve some mistakes. However, using the feature in any way helps your video get a higher chance of appearing in the “Suggested” section.

A premier lets you inform viewers that, for example, you’ll be uploading a video in 30 minutes. This is a great way to generate additional hype and tune the audience for watching your content. Then the video plays like a live stream, with no possibility to move forward while it’s aired for the first time.

4. Community Engagement

Engaging your audience is an essential step to boosting your YouTube channel. The more people see your content, the better. That’s why you have to use all possible methods for engagement.

Some of them are:

  • Answering comments;
  • Talking with viewers live;
  • Using the “Community” section.

We’ll focus on the community tab. The feature is available for accounts with 1000+ subscribers, allowing owners to create polls, publish photos & videos, and write texts. Basically, it’s the YouTube version of a social media feed.

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Polls are useful when you want to understand your viewer’s opinions or start a discussion. People are allowed to comment under polls, so you’ll probably get an even more detailed view of the topic. This is one of the best ways to generate content ideas.

Regular posts with media and text are great for building excitement before publishing a new video. In addition, community posts are frequently promoted to mobile users even if they’re not subscribed to your channel, so this can also bring in some new followers. Apply all the possible tools, and you’ll get maximum engagement!

5. How-to Videos

According to Think with Google, how-to videos earn the most attention in any content category throughout the platform. It is quite reasonable, considering how inquisitive human nature is. There are thousands of topics to cover in even to least popular industries, so you are likely to find an idea that hasn’t been created yet.

Here are some ideas for how-to videos:

  • Show how you record content;
  • Share what your company does;
  • Teach people something new.

When making a how-to video, you will frequently have to show your screen. You can’t do it with just any software, as you won’t be able to show all the required details. Finding the best screen recorder for Mac & Windows will help you provide top-notch content that draws maximum engagement.

If you’re out of ideas, ask your audience for their opinion through the “Community” section. Another option is browsing Reddit, Quora, and other media to see what people discuss. This will give you the most prominent ideas for instructional videos.

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Summing up

There are dozens of trends that can help you promote your YouTube channel. However, they all have one thing in common – constantly keeping the community engaged. The more people see your content, the more they watch you.

Try out these best YouTube promotion practices and watch your channel grow. Share your experiences and thoughts in the comments – we’d love to hear from you!

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