Growing fewer tomatoes and cucumbers because of expensive energy –

The Hague (ANP) – The amount of crops grown in greenhouses decreased last year, reports the Netherlands Statistics Authority (CBS). There were fewer tomatoes and cucumbers in particular. Few of these crops have been grown due to high energy prices. This made cultivation very expensive, so some greenhouse growers decided to grow them less.

According to the Statistics Bureau, not only the total yield decreased, but also the per hectare yield of almost all crops. Only more eggplants were harvested per hectare.

The total harvest of tomatoes was 770 million kilograms last year, 110 million kilograms less than in 2021. 400 million kilograms of cucumbers were harvested, 40 million kilograms less than the previous year. The companies decided to start planting tomatoes and cucumbers later and stop earlier in the year. In this way energy could be saved in the colder months, but there was a lower yield.

Energy saving method

The consequences were less severe for peppers and eggplants. This vegetable is easy to grow in the winter in an energy-efficient way.

The area of ​​greenhouses used for vegetables last year was about the same as in 2021. Compared to 2012, more than 2 percent of the area was added, the so-called area. Last year, more than a third of this area was used for growing tomatoes. Peppers made up just under a third of the area.

tomato growers

The number of greenhouse vegetable companies has fallen by more than a quarter to 1,160 in ten years, and there are fewer companies growing tomatoes in particular. However, one in five greenhouse horticultural companies still grow tomatoes, which is just over the number of pepper growers.

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