GT World Challenge Australia: Audi battle for victory in Philip season openers

GT World Challenge Australia: Audi battle for victory in season opening games on Philippine Island

At 21, it’s a record number of cars since GT World Challenge acquired SRO in Australia.

It’s a new year for the AWS – powered Fanatec GT World Challenge, which kicks off this weekend with the Australian Championship at the Phillip Island Circuit. Current champion Yasser Shahin (The Bend Motorsport Park) continued what he was doing in 2021: victory. Along with Christopher Mees, he beat the other Audi of Sauce Mostard and Liam Talbot (Coinspot) on Sunday, but won the latter on Saturday. The trophy class for older GT3 cars is no different from last season. There we saw Brett Hobson (Hobson Motorsport) and Brad Schumacher (Shoemaker Motorsport) again.

Text: Vincent Bruins (Twitter: inceVincentJBruins)
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Hobson’s Nissan Race 1 was polarized and took the lead at the start, but lost both positions 15 minutes later to Talbot and Shahin, shortly before security car Eric Constantinitis came on track following the crash (our cloud – up to 11 motorsports). At the start, Hobson lost another spot to Stephen Crowe’s Porsche (Grove Motorsport). Shoemaker was well qualified, but had to start from the bit lane. Halfway through the race he was in the top ten overall.

220320 SVG Ibrahim
Van Gisbergen and Ibrahim left Philipp Islands with third and fifth place in the Pro-A class.

After a change of driver, Mostard put Mice behind him and won the first race of the season alongside Dolbot. The Mercedes-AMG of Shane von Kisbergen and Prince Jeffrey Ibrahim (Triple Aid Race Engineering) finished third after the Malaysian twelfth. Tony Bates and David Reynolds (C-Tech Laser) finished fourth behind father and son Stephen and Brendan Grove.

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220319 Mosterdalboat
Although he was not ready after a late phone call to replace Fraser Rose, Mostard won Race 1 with Talbot.

Schumacher finished sixth overall and won the trophy class after Hobson was penalized for a very short bit stop. Paul Stokell (KFC Racing) wins class A after a good fight with teammate Matt Stubas, while Mark Rosser (what do you think?) Does not visit the gravel pit three times.

220320 Stupas
Audi, sponsored by the well-known fast food chain, excelled in class 1-2 on Saturday and Stupas won on Sunday.

End Betting1

Mostard and Van Gisbergen started Race 2 from the front row, but both were sent by Myce to Dohan Corner in the sprint. Van Gisbergen was in second place for a while until he retreated behind New Zealand players Mostert and Reynolds. Mostard closed the gap between him and Mice in the lap that followed, and a fierce battle ensued between the German Audi expert and the head of the Repco Supercars Championship. However, Mies had to brake Constantinitis’s slow moving Porsche Cup car unexpectedly, and Mostard attacked him, but the damage to the CoinSpot Audi was repaired with duct tape.

220319 Ratchet
SRO CEO St├ęphane Ratel attended the start of the season in Southeast Australia

Bates took the lead after the bit stops as the penalty was not won, but Shahin was the fastest amateur rider and overtook him despite a slight touch on Harbin’s exit after Luke Heights. Miss and Shahin won more than Mostard and Talbot on Sunday. Overall Schumacher won the trophy again on the P4. Van Gisbergen and Ibrahim were not at good pace and finished behind the Grove family.

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220320 Meeshain
Mice and Shahin now topped the championship along with Mostard and Talbot

Hobson finished third in the trophy class behind Dean Gautsamidis’ 997-generation Porsche (equity-one), then had to start from behind the Nissan driver. In Class A, Stupas won by battling Garth Walton & Mike Shergold (RAM Motorsport), Rosser and Dean MacPherson & Ben Porter (AMAC Motorsport). Sam Prabham, the grandson of three-time Formula 1 champion Sir Jack, won two GT4 class wins at the Harolds Racing Mercedes-AMG with Ross Paulaquis.

220320 Prabhupada
In the GT4 class, Prabham and Paulaquis defeated Mark Griffith’s other Mercedes-AMG and Madeline Stewart’s Ginetta

Result Race 2

The next round of the AWS-powered Fanatec GT World Challenge Australia will take place on May 15 in Mount Panorama. Liqui Moly Bathurst The first two hours of the 12 hours will be counted towards the championship.

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