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VideoIn a tactically sophisticated smash game, Manchester City took revenge on Chelsea after defeat in the Champions League final. Pep Guardiola’s side, who lost 1-0 in May, deservedly won against Chelsea this afternoon at Stamford Bridge. Gabriel Jesus delivered blues First loss of the season. Nathan Ake (City) and Hakim Ziyech (Chelsea) were on the bench for ninety minutes.

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His eyes darted back and forth, he constantly wiggled his dangling pants and stood pointing excitedly along the margins of Stamford Bridge at all times. The tension completely took over the body of Manchester City coach Pep Guardiola. Even Gabriel Jesus made his team the only goal and win against Chelsea with a beautiful job. With the win, the Nationals returned to the race for the national title.

In the lead-up to random hand squatting, the British press was all about one thing. Who is the best manager currently in the Premier League? Pep Guardiola or Thomas Tuchel? The Catalan, in the UK until recently, was seen as the world’s greatest football mind, or the German growing in awe after the Champions League win over Chelsea?

Chelsea goalkeeper Edward Mendy prevented Manchester City striker Phil Foden from scoring. © Reuters

The question sounded flowery, but it touched on a related topic. Guardiola reluctantly admitted this week in the final in Porto in May that he made a mistake in strategy. Without a controlling midfielder and players in unusual positions for them, Manchester City couldn’t dictate the game. Chelsea responded, deservedly, to win. Tuchel surpassed it. For the third time in a row, after victories in the FA Cup and the Premier League.

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Manchester United’s first defeat
Manchester United suffered their first defeat in the Premier League this season. Ole Gunnar Solskjaer’s side lost at Old Trafford to Aston Villa: 0-1. Courtney Hughes headed the only goal from a corner kick before time. The 26-year-old Aston Villa defender then received a penalty after the ball from Edinson Cavani’s head landed on his arm. However, Bruno Fernandez shot from 11 metres.

In the first meeting since the meeting in Portugal, the pressure was on Manchester City. The start of the competition was tough. With Liverpool and Manchester United back in the lead, the champions were in danger of losing out on title renewal prospects within weeks. Guardiola, who was often the architect of the main blow, had to present in front of his greatest opponent.

Pep Guardiola receives congratulations from Thomas Tuchel.
Pep Guardiola receives congratulations from Thomas Tuchel. © Action Images via Reuters


The 50-year-old Catalan did not disappoint. Unlike the Champions League final, his tactics against Chelsea were perfect. Romelu Lukaku rarely appeared in the match, while the Blues’ efforts were tirelessly hampered. After the break, as spaces on the field grew, Manchester City hit. With the aim of Jesus reminds us of the brand of his famous compatriot Romario. Strength and technique coupled with precision.

With his back to goalkeeper Edward Mendy’s goal, the Brazilian got the ball firmly in the feet. This was followed by three lightning-quick flicks of the soles of his boots. Then he scored from the round (1-0). A fantastic goal befitting the high level of competition between two of the best clubs in Europe.

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The frown on Guardiola’s face gave way to a smile. Chelsea supporters sang a Bob Marley song Three little birds Sincerely to show their joy. “Don’t worry about a thing.” With tough confrontations ahead of Paris Saint-Germain in the Champions League and Liverpool in the Premier League, the sun suddenly rose again.

Guardiola remained in control. The respect of his colleague Tuchel, his business friend and pupil, was greater than rubbing salt into wounds. The Spaniard didn’t have to say anything either. With this victory, he answered the British media’s question loud and clear. Guardiola is still the genius of the Premier League. The crowd left no doubt about it. “Guardiola, we have,” echoed across Stamford Bridge.

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